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Educators Ouside Dallas FortWorth

The difference between educators inside and outside of DFW is our ability to drive to your location to fix the printer. For this reason we recommend getting a additional extruder. Our extruder is covered under warranty and we will cross ship you a new one. However, you can avoid lost printing time with an additional extruder. 

If this is your first PolyPrinter we recommend getting the printer delivered in person. When we deliver we can also provide training in person. Delivery cost is proportional to the distance from our shop in DFW. 

In addition, we offer a Long Distance Onsite Service, meaning we will travel to your location to fix the printer should warranty issues arise. This will also need to be calculated based on mileage. We do recommend Onsite service, but we understand at a certain mileage it becomes economically unfeasible. 

Let us know your address and we'll quote delivery and Long Distance Onsite Service prices. 



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