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Educators Inside Dallas FortWorth

Schools, Libraries, and Makerspaces within DFW will more than likely want the items below. This package is especially recommended for educational institutions getting their first printer. With the items below you are gauranteed to be printing the first day you receive your printer. 

Educators with a 3D printing program in place but getting their first PolyPrinter might get PET tape instead of the entire Owner's Kit. And if you have ABS or PLA filament (contact us before using a nylon or rubber filament brand that isn't Taulman or NinjaFlex, respectively) that is 1.75mm you probably can get by without buying more filament. 


Filament and nozzles needed will largely depend on the amount of printing you require. We generally recommend 3 nozzles and 5 rolls of filament. Check out our other filament colors.



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