NOTE: This new installation contains Kisslicer 1.6 which has a number of new features and settings.

If you are updating an existing Kisslicer 1.5 install, then after installation, you MUST do (from the menu bar) File/Choose and Restore. Then single-click on settingsMaster or _reference to highlight it and press OK. That should load the correct master settings.

NOTE: The software installer must be run as an Administrator. After downloading, open the downloads folder and right-click on the installer .exe file and choose "Run as Administrator". This will give it the necessary security privileges to install the serial driver.

Helpful Guides

How to Change a Nozzle


DX Printers Only:

Basic User Guide (start with this)

DX Setup files for Kisslicer (after first installing the normal Windows-64 download package)


Dual Extruder Web UI Update (do not do this unless you really know why it is needed specifically for you)

Web UI Update v122