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Barnes and Noble Makers


Barnes and Noble invited PolyPrinter to The Parks at Arlington mall to showcase our printer. The number of young makers wandering through the Barnes and Noble store was large and fantastic. We look forward to it next year!

Texas Library Association Assembly

PolyPrinter had a fantastic time meeting the members of the Texas Library Association. It's great seeing these librarian's commitment towards improving the knowledge resources offered through their libraries. Kids always find the coolest prints.

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PolyPrinter in Godley, Tx

A thank you to Godley ISD for inviting PolyPrinter to their science teacher meeting. A short 3D printer demonstration preceded lessons on TinkerCad. Below you'll see the ladies of Godley ISD mastering the 3D modeling software.   

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3D Printing at Gold Day Learning Event

PolyPrinter took to Dobbs Elementary to participate in Gold Day, an afternoon of fun and learning for elementary and middle schoolers. Packs of students and teachers jumped room to room to see all the activities. Firetrucks, dirtbike racers, robotics teams, companies, and hobbyists came out to share their knowledge and experience. Rumor has it last year [...]

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e-NABLE Prosthetic event starring Marvel Universe Live and the PP229

Marvel Universe Live and e-NABLE asked the Dallas Makerspace and Polyprinter to join their event printing prosthetic hands for children.  e-NABLE is a volunteer community of designers who print low-cost hands for children. You can join their cause and even print a hand for a child in your area: http://enablingthefuture.org/get-involved/. The Dallas Makerspace is an awesome non-profit [...]

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Warranty now 6 Months

We are making the warranty period 6 months long, instead of the previous 90-day warranty period.We'll back-date this policy, so that printers purchased after February 1st, 2014 are covered by this 6-Month warranty.

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First Lego Leaque event at Hockaday School

We had a great time, demonstrating 3D printing at the Hockaday School in Dallas, yesterday.Lots of kids have seen 3D printing videos online, but are thrilled to see it actually happening in front of their eyes.We gave away some samples that were printed by request, and printed some robot-arm parts for one of the local [...]

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