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You may be familiar with 3D printing technology in general.

But here are some things you should know about the PolyPrinter:

It's faster than most other printers. We don't know of a faster one for anywhere near the same money.

It prints better quality parts than most others. The design of the PolyPrinter, and our attention to detail, gives an outstanding printed result. It does that even when printing quite quickly. A lot of people have been very surprised at how good the parts are, especially if they have seen parts printed by other printers before.

We Have Features Others Don't:

  • HEPA Filter - captures most of the small particles from printing
  • Filament Switch - stops printing and waits for more filament
  • Filament Cutter - handy when changing filament
  • LED Lights on Extruder & Hood - easier to see printing
  • Webcam - monitor printing easily

We have important standard features:

  • Heated Print Bed - mandatory for ABS printing
  • Full enclosure - also mandatory for any large ABS prints

The PolyPrinter is also faster, more dependable, and we are here to help you with any problems you may have!



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